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:icontamakiemocornerplz::iconsaysplz:HARUHI DUN' LAHK ME!
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you type : icontamakiemocornerplz : (without spaces)
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Hi, my name is Amaritsu Takanawa Starlight. I am a fairy angel demon princess queen empress princess of a distant land. I am the most powerful fairy angel demon that ever lived. I have seen my parents die when my sister killed them, but she couldn't kill me, so I sealed her away in a crystal because I couldn't bear to kill her and I'm very nice. Also, I am so beautiful that all the men who ever encounter me swoon at me and demand my hand in marriage. But I decline since I'm bi and I don't want another ruler. Also all my friends died in a war by the way. But I stopped the war in one second because the evil king turned good by just looking at me.

I'm perfect at everything and anything I do. But I have this one flaw. I'm really clumsy and constantly fall into the arms of random attractive people. One time I sacrificed myself for my people, but I was revived because I was so beautiful and pure that I could not leave the mortal realm. I have a pet ultra rare, golden dragon with rainbow eyes and beautiful scales. It is the only one of its kind. Many people have tried to tame it and they all died trying. But I didn't even try, it just wanted to join me and even begged me to let it be my pet. So being really nice, I did. I can also read minds and talk to animals and I control all the elements and have mastered all fighting techniques. I saved the world countless times and everyone loves me. Then I freed my sister and she turned good and I married all main male characters and we live in a castle and everyone is happy. Da end.
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